What is a theatre consultant?

Theatre consultants are the translators between the owners, operators, architects, and other individuals typically working on the construction, modification, or other major theatre projects.  With a deep understanding of both theatrical design and practical building architecture, theatre consultants can help bridge the gap between the envisioned product of the owners and the desired beauty of the architect while staying on budget.

Theaters are one of the most complicated and misunderstood buildings. From over simplicity to drastically convoluted designs, the construction, remodeling, and other renovation projects of a theater can often lose sight of its intended purpose when left with unfamiliar general contractors.  The theatre consultant helps keep communication going smoothly through this process to keep everyone involved on the same page.  Although theatre venues often seem similar, no two projects are the same and each theater requires a keen eye to meet the desired end goal of all involved.

What can we do for you?

Why is Langdon Designs an “independent” theatre consultant company?

As an independent theatre consultant company, Langdon Designs provides an unbiased opinion on designs without any contracts with suppliers, contractors, etc.  This allows us to recommend the best possible options for your project without forcing any limitations or branding onto your project.   

How do we work?

We like to say “How can we help?” Every project is unique and we approach each project with the client in mind.  No project is too big or too small for Langdon Designs. 

First and foremost, we keep the owner’s needs and desires at the forefront of the project.  Once we understand the owner’s intentions, we develop a plan of action, provide cost analysis, and, in many cases, setup ongoing meetings throughout the entire project.  At Langdon Designs we want all of our clients to have an ongoing understanding of their project. 

Langdon Designs strives to provide permanent solutions.  While every project has unique challenges, we strive to develop practical, and economical, solutions to theatre design. 

When can we start?

Right away.  The truth is most people think their project is too early in the planning stages or too late into the completion phase to contact a specialized consultant.  This idea could not be further from the truth.   Throughout projects, challenges arise and often need another set of eyes to determine the best possible route to achieve success.    

Please contact us today with any questions.