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About Langdon Designs

Langdon Designs is an entertainment based company that provides solutions for theatrical projects, photography, video, and other projects.

In the past Langdon Designs has consulted on the restoration and construction of major theatrical venues. Most recently, Langdon Designs consulted on the restoration and management of the Wildey Theatre in Edwardsville, Illinois. This art deco venue was restored to its former glory in 2011 and once again illuminates the streets of Edwardsville. For more on the Wildey Theatre visit today.

In addition to consulting on theatrical projects, Langdon Designs creates custom print and video materials for an array of advertising purposes. Print materials for large scale door to door publications, banners for NCAA basketball sponsorships, website/social media materials, and video ads featured on NBC for yearly rotation are just the tip of the advertising portfolio that Langdon Designs offers to clients.

Recently, Langdon Designs has branched out to professional photography. Nature, portraits, and other prints are available at at any time. Enhance your office decor with a unique print from Langdon Designs.

If you need professional services or entertainment consulting, Langdon Designs has a unique solution to take care of you. Langdon Designs has consulted with numerous different organizations. Specializing in the Midwest United States, Langdon Designs has resources, connections, and solutions for your organization. For more details visit today!